My Works

  • Binglee

    This is my largest project so very proud. Uses magento ecommerce enterprise version.
  • V8Max

    Racing Site built with oscommerce and custom codeigniter code.
  • UTS Broadway

    UTS new building design competition.
  • Pulse Property

    This was also one of the coolest project. I used oscommerce customised for backend and codeigniter for frontend.
  • Zjoosh

    A magento project.
  • Aarons Hotel

    My First Project at acidgreen. Uses oscommerce.
  • Baska-Jon

    An oscommerce project with highly modified frontend.
  • Bluebox

    This is quite old project and waiting for client to finish product upload. Uses Magento ecommerce community version.
  • Chains Of Love

    I was so excited to do this project because i liked the design. Uses Magento E-commerce Community Version.
  • Desking Systems

    It was one of the complicated project but was happy with the result. Uses Magento E-commerce Community Version.
  • Georgini

    This was one of the simplest project on magento. Uses Magento E-commerce Community Version.
  • Konverj

    Waiting for the client to go live. Uses Magento E-commerce Community Version.
  • Printed Swimming Caps

    This was developed using latest oscommerce at the time.
  • SB Williams

    Very Simple Plain Html Project.

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About Me

Name: Damodar Bashyal

I am currently working full time at Acidgreen Pty Ltd, Crows Nest as a Senior Website Developer.

I Completed Bachelor In Information Technology from University Of Ballarat, Sydney, Australia in year 2004.

I have been developing websites since then.

Sometimes I take freelance works as well. If you are interested you can contact me through the contact form.

What I Do

I develop websites focusing on performance and SEO, so your website ROCKS!.

  • I use Magento E-Commerce to develop commerce websites.
  • I started from OScommerce, so still i can use that if preferred!
  • I can provide support work for most of the PHP based softwares.
  • I like to use Codeigniter PHP Framework whenever I feel I can use it.
  • I have developed an open source codeigniter 2.0 CMS and is freely available to download as Codefight CMS.

Contact Address

Damodar Bashyal
PO BOX 1124
NSW 2216
Australia .